Sunday, November 21, 2010

Small Farms Need Our Help

So hear is the deal our government is once again trying to have control over something that they shouldn't. We have the freedom to kill unborn babies, we have the right to ruin our health through smoking and drinking, we have the right to treat the men and women who have served our country like crap but we do not have the right to grow and produce healthy food on our own land without the government coming in with guns drawn and shutting it down. PLEASE!

I have tried to write this post several times but I am so frustrated by our governments control over our food, that I couldn't do it with out it turning into a book. So please take a look at these other posts that explain it a lot better then I could. Just keep in mind that if the government takes our right to eat and grow what we want then what is left.

Farmeggedon video


  1. The change in our country is our responsibility we have the power as this countries people to sway the actions of government by our actions. I'm not suggesting mutiny or anarchy I'm suggesting smart consumption....
    Only buying gas from companies that don't pollute our precious ocean.. or support local farmers by buying their fresh livestock or produce.. instead of running to your big named supermarkets to buy their product that is being fed who knows what in who knows what kind of conditions.... buying American made products cutting out the middle man...Yes it will cost more in the beginning and may cause an inconvenience but it will snowball change, think of it as an investment for our children.....we love to point our fingers and the man in the oval office.. It must be his fault our country is in this state, but we as a whole have as much if not more power! Just think of the effect we could have if we were truly "United"!!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. I would much rather use my money to support local, healthy product, then product that is harmful and could only cost me more in medical bills later. Thanks for caring.

  3. Do you drain the clear liquid off your kefir and discard it? I have not been doing that.. but I noticed when it's been in the frig.. it will separate..and the kefir on the bottom is much thicker and richer.. can I use it both ways? with and without the clear whey?

  4. Yes you can use it both ways. When you drain the kefir its called kefir cheese.