Friday, March 25, 2011

Easy Changes That Make a Big Impact on Your Health: Taking Out The Trash

High fructose corn syrup, MSG, soy letchin, soy oil and soy it's self. These things are trash to your body, they are genetically modified and are very bad for your health. Now we can argue all day about un-fermented soy but for my family I don't allow it in our home, if I can help it you can read here  and here as to why. The other stuff on this list are things that are found in almost anything processed even stuff labeled healthy. When we first started out on this road it was overwhelming because every box or package I turned over had one two or all of the list in the ingredient's . The good news is that when you step back and asses what your family really needs its not that hard. I try to keep simple nutritious snacks around like soaked and dried nuts, dried fruit and coconut cream over frozen berries is also a favorite. I don't spend my whole life in the kitchen making crackers and treats so that my family feels like they are not missing out. They understand why we eat this way and even my kids like to learn about what is and is not healthy and why.

High fructose corn syrup: Let me start out by saying if you have a child who is a little over energetic this could be the number one cause. My oldest can not handle sugar she is nuts after she eats this. HFCS comes from highly processing GMO corn starch and turn it into syrup.  According to a study that Princeton University did on HFCS:
 "These rats aren't just getting fat; they're demonstrating characteristics of obesity, including substantial increases in abdominal fat and circulating triglycerides," said Princeton graduate student Miriam Bocarsly. "In humans, these same characteristics are known risk factors for high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, cancer and diabetes."  read more here
There is a campaign going on by the corn industry which by the way is supplemented by the government that states HFCS is natural. I don't know what their definition of natural is but mine is not taking GMO corn and over processing the starch to make it a syrup that causes health risks.

MSG: Is not just to add flavor it is linked to cause multiple heath problems to better understand fully what MSG can do to your body I suggest watching this 4 part series on youtube: MSG will take a little time to get out of you diet but if you have any of the symptoms then it is worth the effort. I think for us the hardest has been salad dressings it should be the easiest because dressings are pretty instant but I just have not made the time. It is on my list and hopefully I will have a few go to dressings before the first lettuce is ready to buy/pick.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Name. New Season.

If you have read here, you know that we have recently moved, so I no longer have my gardens or my chickens (tear), so we no longer feed our family from the food we grow on our city lot. Instead we feed our family by preserving in-season foods that we get from the farmers' market or our local organic health food store Marlene's. So it's time for a name change. I'm thinking of the name "God's Seasons". It's a name that really reflects the last twelve or so months of our life. God has thrown a few detours and potholes into our lives and it has taught us that we can plan and map out our lives all we want but the truth is God is in the driver's seat and it's our job to sit back and enjoy the drive without back seat driving. That's not to say that we do nothing, but that we need to be joyful in the detours and potholes of life while we remain still and know that he is God, the Beginning and the End.

So all that to say I'm changing the name and direction of this blog. First, I want it to be an encouragement to where you are along the road God has you on and second to be a place where you can find helpful recipes and tips to a healthy body. So we will be focusing more on things I've been learning in the season God has me in mainly being a homeschool mom of small children trying to manage a house while making time for God and being loving to my husband and children. We will also be focusing on eating in-season, organic and grass fed while being good stewards with our grocery budget.

So I hope that you will stay tuned and maybe we can make it through this season together with minimal break downs.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kefir Cheese

I know it has been a while but life has happened and my family comes first. But I want to continue where I left off and that is to give you some ideas on how to make what you eat and make it matter. Instead of putting things into your body that can cause you to be moody, tired, and sick I want to give some suggestions on what to eat to make your body happy, energetic and happy. So here is a recipe that goes with my first post on easy changes, kefir cheese.

 Kefir is great for your gut and can be used many ways. Besides using kefir in smoothies my family likes kefir cheese. It is just as simple to make and great tasting. This morning I mixed some kefir cheese and some blueberries in the food processor to put on our pancakes.

All you have to do to make kefir into kefir cheese is to put either coffee filters or cheese cloth inside a colander, put the colander into a glass bowl. Then pour the kefir into the lined colander and let it sit over night or most of the day until it gets to the consistency that you want. The liquid that drains off the kefir is called whey don't throw this away. Whey is very healthy and can be used in smoothies, to soak your grains or to ferment. Put the whey into a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator it will last for 6 months. Then take the remaining kefir and put it into an air tight container in the refrigerator. You can use it in place of sour cream or cream cheese.

Next I will be talking about some things that you should take out of your diet. This task is not as easy but your body will thank you.