Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Name. New Season.

If you have read here, you know that we have recently moved, so I no longer have my gardens or my chickens (tear), so we no longer feed our family from the food we grow on our city lot. Instead we feed our family by preserving in-season foods that we get from the farmers' market or our local organic health food store Marlene's. So it's time for a name change. I'm thinking of the name "God's Seasons". It's a name that really reflects the last twelve or so months of our life. God has thrown a few detours and potholes into our lives and it has taught us that we can plan and map out our lives all we want but the truth is God is in the driver's seat and it's our job to sit back and enjoy the drive without back seat driving. That's not to say that we do nothing, but that we need to be joyful in the detours and potholes of life while we remain still and know that he is God, the Beginning and the End.

So all that to say I'm changing the name and direction of this blog. First, I want it to be an encouragement to where you are along the road God has you on and second to be a place where you can find helpful recipes and tips to a healthy body. So we will be focusing more on things I've been learning in the season God has me in mainly being a homeschool mom of small children trying to manage a house while making time for God and being loving to my husband and children. We will also be focusing on eating in-season, organic and grass fed while being good stewards with our grocery budget.

So I hope that you will stay tuned and maybe we can make it through this season together with minimal break downs.

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